San Andreas

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What is San Andreas like?

As the County seat, San Andreas is the center of commerce, education and services for Calaveras County. The Calaveras County Government Center, a number of public agencies and Mark Twain St. Joseph’s Hospital are located in the center of the town.

The town has three beautiful parks and is surrounded by gently sloping oak-covered foothills. It transitions from businesses and homes to rural residential areas, farms, ranches and open space.

St. Charles Street, the main thoroughfare, has a good mix of restaurants, stores, and services. The town also boasts a delightful historic district that captures the charm of earlier eras.

It was named after San Andrés, the patron saint of Spain. Mexicans first discovered gold here, and by the early 1850s between 1,000 and 1,500 miners were working the gullies and washes. In 1854 extensive placer deposits were discovered in an old riverbed 150 feet below the surface of the earth. Lack of water was a problem, but the Table Mountain Water Company was formed to bring water from 50 miles away. Today most of these historic water ditches still grace the countryside and many are still in use.

Where is it?

San Andreas Main Street

San Andreas is situated in the golden Sierra foothills near the center of the County just east of the intersection of Highway 12 and Highway 49. It is approximately 9 miles south of Mokelumne Hill, 9.5 miles west of Valley Springs, and 12 miles north of the City of Angels.

What are the Transportation routes?

The scenic, open Highways 12 and 49 connect San Andreas to the rest of the County and on to major transportation routes.

How does the community envision San Andreas in the future?

San Andreas residents envision their community being a small, thriving, vibrant foothill town surrounded by rolling oak studded hills. The town heart includes its historic and well-preserved main street with an inviting entrance. This vision is evident in the community motto: Preserve Our Rural Heritage.

Turner Park Gazebo

What does the Community envision for Economic Development?

The community wants to retain its rural charm by creating retail opportunities for residents and visitors in the form of locally-owned businesses that blend with its culture and character. It envisions expanding the number of small retail shops and restaurants while augmenting the rural ambiance with numerous shade trees in a pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment. Being a center for learning and health care is important to San Andreas’ residents; as is being a sustainable community reliant on alternative energy and a rebuild/re-use philosophy. Another advantage that San Andreas has is access to natural gas; this substantially lowers the cost of doing business and of energy generation in general.

How can the residential character of San Andreas be described?

Well-established residential areas are located on either side of Highway 49. The community encourages the development of a range of housing types, including multi-use (combined residential and commercial) buildings, for all income levels so that no resident is left behind.

What does the Community want to be known for?

San Andreas wants to preserve its rural character with minimum loss of farms, ranches, oak woodlands and open space, while being a vibrant center of commerce, services and education for the County.