Mokelumne Hill

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What is Mokelumne Hill like?

Mokelumne Hill’s well-preserved historical architecture, narrow streets, and small size make the community a unique and livable place. It is perched on the edge of the Mokelumne River Canyon, with an elevation ranging from 1,200 to 1,700 feet. The approximately 1,000 residents enjoy the terrain that is generally hilly, interspersed with ravines, gulches, and occasional flat hilltops.

Where is it located?

The Mokelumne Hill Community Plan area encompasses about 5 square miles in the north central part of the County. It is approximately 9 miles north of San Andreas, 12 miles east of Valley Springs, and 8 miles south of Jackson.

Looking into Downtown Mokelumne Hill

What are the Major Transportation Routes

State Highways 26 and 49 provide the major transportation routes. Other local roads connect residential and commercial areas.

How does the community envision Mokelumne Hill in the future?

The Mokelumne Hill Community Plan provides for orderly growth in a manner that retains the small town character, historical and cultural assets and protects the community’s scenic, recreational, agricultural, and natural resources.

How can the residential character of Mokelumne Hill be described?

The area is predominantly single-family residential. The community encourages mixed residential / commercial development projects that reflect the town character.

What does Mokelumne Hill envision for economic development?

The community is enriched and supported by a thriving business community that has embraced the historic structures and ambiance. Future plans seek to find a balance between conservation of the community’s historical legacy and the need to accommodate growth. They plan to do that by promoting and facilitating infill within the existing Community Plan area, especially with land already served by public sewer and water.

Opportunities include augmenting the limited number and diversity of retail shopping services, new mining activity that is compatible with existing land uses, and agricultural production within and near the community.

What does Mokelumne Hill want to be known for?

Mokelumne Hill is a small community that has retained and enhanced its rich historic and cultural assets. It is home to Randy Sparks of The New Christy Minstrels. Mokelumne Hill prides itself on its investment in and commitment to youth and their engagement in the future of the community. It is a place where multi-generational involvement and social interaction, trust, and connectedness are key community values.


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