Greater Valley Springs Community

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What is the Greater Valley Springs Community like?

The Greater Valley Springs Community is a dynamic region with a unique mixture of sophistication, historic insight and ceaseless energy. The region encompasses the towns of Burson, Camanche Lake Estates, Campo Seco, Jenny Lind, Rancho Calaveras, Scenic Valley Ranchos, Valley Springs, and Wallace along with the neighborhoods that tie the overall community together.

The area offers an abundance of recreation for all ages, like water sports such as fishing, kayaking, water-skiing and sailing at the nearby lakes. An expansive network of bicycle and hiking trails meanders along the three lakes and beautiful rolling hills. Golf at the scenic La Contenta golf course, diverse shopping and fine restaurants add to the appeal for residents and tourists alike.

Located at the 680 foot elevation, the temperate climate is attractive to both retirees and families; many small businesses are drawn to the area because of the quality of life for their employees.

Valley Springs, once called Spring Valley, was a railroad town in the late 1800s. The San Joaquin and Sierra Nevada Railroad connected Valley Springs to Stockton, Sacramento, and San Francisco by rail, making the town a busy business center. This identity contributed to the prestige and importance of the town. Many old buildings, including the historic train depot, are still standing.


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Where is it?

The Greater Valley Springs Community is located in the western edge of Calaveras County, approximately 45 minutes from Stockton, just over an hour to Sacramento, and approximately two hours from San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. The Historic town of Murphys is approximately a half-hour drive, and terrific snow skiing at the renowned Bear Valley Ski Resort is less than two hours away.

Valley Springs Train Depot

What are the Transportation routes?

State highways 12 and 26 intersect in the center of town. Continuing east on Highway 12 leads to the Gold Chain Highway 49, and this historic highway travels through other gold rush era towns. Traveling to the west on either highway will lead to the San Joaquin Valley, and eventually, the San Francisco Bay area.

How does the community envision the Greater Valley Springs area in the future?

The community of the Greater Valley Springs area values its rural character, and remains unincorporated. Residents want to encourage development infill on existing vacant land, and to foster recreational industries, while utilizing available utilities, and maintaining good traffic flow throughout the community.

In the future, the Greater Valley Springs area expects grow beyond its 8,000 residents by attracting permanent and seasonal residents who enjoy a casual lifestyle. The community wants to allow for sufficient growth with planned development. This type of expansion provides great opportunity, while preserving the small town character with an average population density of less than one person per acre.

The focus is outdoor recreation, anchored by New Hogan Lake, and access to Lake Camanche, and Pardee Lake. Additional parks and trails are planned, including a 10-mile walking and cycling trail along the beautiful Cosgrove Creek. The trail starts at New Hogan Lake, and extends north to the Coast to Crest Trail. Several equestrian ranches, along with a planned, state of the art, equestrian center, will enhance the country character.

What does the Community envision for Economic Development?

The economic vision for the Greater Valley Springs Community is to provide a village atmosphere in the commercial areas, providing services for locals and tourists. Additionally, the residents envision selective commercial and residential intermix in certain areas. Also important is open space in combination with appropriately planned development and a region that prioritizes the natural environment when change or growth is proposed

Christmas Shopping in Valley Springs

The area’s economic base incorporates several basic themes—recreation, ranching, farming, construction and related industries, public agencies, and support businesses for local residents. The planned development of a community college, a retiree population, and a strong recreation base provide great opportunities for economic development. Specifically, the area could profit from increased boutique shopping options near the town commercial center.

Additionally, development of new parks that will support recreation, performing arts, and tourism, are planned for the near future. Plans are also being developed for new health care facilities, affordable and senior housing, and an industrial zoned area that will offer entrepreneurs the built-in opportunity to learn a new trade and start their own business. Opportunities will also exist for hotels, office buildings, restaurants, local and destination retail, and recreation-oriented business associated with golf, water sports, equestrian events, and other outdoor adventure businesses. State-of-the-art communication technology will be a major key in achieving economic development success. The Greater Valley Springs Community has, in place, the latest communication technology available. Valley Springs currently has fiber optic cable, broadband, ultra high speed internet access, 100% digital, as well as other state-of-the-art communication capabilities. This provides residents and businesses with instant communication anywhere in the world.

How can the residential character of Greater Valley Springs area be described?

The core of existing housing in the Greater Valley Springs area was created in residential planned communities. The character of the town is diverse and has much to offer. Living styles range from golf communities with large and small lots, cluster homes, senior living communities, attached living, ranches on 1 to 40 or more acres, and gated neighborhoods.

Workforce housing is in the planning stages, and the goal of the community is to offer a blend of housing, suitable for a wide range of lifestyles. The vast open spaces, temperate climate, and recreation-oriented living appeals to a wide range of people, and will continue to attract new residents.

What does the Community want to be known for?

The Greater Valley Springs Community will always be known for its vast recreation opportunities, and will continue to be a wonderful place to both visit and live. The community offers tremendous opportunities for people of all ages, and is a great place to raise a family, operate a business, further education, or enjoy retirement hobbies.

The community wants to be known as a desirable country setting, catering to diverse lifestyles.


Valley Springs' New Hogan