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What is Copperopolis like?

Copperopolis, known locally as Copper, is a country town nestled amongst rolling hills covered with oak trees. The climate is temperate at an elevation of 1,000 feet that is above the valley fog and below the winter snow. The historic area, which was vibrant in 1861 when copper was discovered, and the Town Square define the community. Open-space areas throughout the community, along with Lake Tulloch, enhance the character.

Where is it?

Copperopolis is located in the Copper Valley, the southwestern part of Calaveras County. The town is a 2-hour drive from San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. It is the western entry point from the Bay Area to the Central Sierra recreation wonderland. The City of Angels is a 20-minute drive east of Copperopolis.

Copperopolis Town Square

What are the Transportation routes?

Highway 4 is the regional connection to the Bay Area to the west and to Bear Valley Ski Resort to the east. O’Byrne’s Ferry Road provides easy access to Tuolumne County to the south, and on to a short 90-minute drive to Yosemite National Park. Also close by is the Gold Chain Highway 49 connecting several other historic gold rush era towns. The planned local collector roads will include cycling lanes along with separated meandering walkways.

Cruisers Ice Cream, Copperopolis Town Square.

How does the community envision Copperopolis in the future?

Copperopolis is envisioned as a prosperous well-balanced country town with a casual lifestyle. The population is expected to grow to be the largest residential and commercial community in Calaveras County and the three county region with an estimated 40,000 population. This expansion provides great opportunity while preserving the small town character of less than one person per acre average. The focus is outdoor recreation, anchored by Lake Tulloch and a planned access to New Melones Lake. Additional golf courses, parks and trails are planned, including a 10-mile walking and cycling trail along the beautiful Little Johns Creek. The trail starts at Lake Tulloch and extends north to Copper Town Square. Several equestrian ranches, along with Bridle Wood, a state of the art equestrian center, enhance the country character.

What does the Community envision for Economic Development?

The Copper citizens along with its development community are committed to enhancing the character, amenities and quality of life while the expected growth takes place. Continued demand from the 12 million people who live within a two hour drive, including many baby boomers seeking a country life style, will drive this expansion.

Opportunities will exist for hotels, office, restaurants, local and destination retail, medical, education, light industry, and recreation-oriented business generated from golf, water, equestrian, and other outdoor adventure businesses. Senior living villages will add additional economic opportunities.

Historic Copperopolis Area

To facilitate the economic development, state-of-the-art communication technology is a major key to achieving success. Calaveras Telephone Company (CalTel) established in 1895 and headquartered in Copperopolis, is dedicated to providing Western Calaveras County with the latest communication technology available. From its inception, CalTel has been locally owned and operated by the Tower family. Today Copperopolis has fiber optic cable, broadband, ultra high speed internet access, 100% digital, as well as other state-of-the-art communication capabilities. This provides the residents and businesses with instant communication anywhere in the World. CalTel’s founder, James A Tower who was known affectionately as “Barbed Wire Jim” used barbed wire fences as the first phone lines, and had his first contract with Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. This creative spirit and can-do attitude is alive and well today.

How can the residential character of Copperopolis be described?

The residential character of Copper is diverse and has much to offer. Living styles range for lake front homes, large & small lots, golf communities, cluster homes, senior living communities, attached living, ranches from 5 to 40 acres or larger, and several gated neighborhoods. Workforce housing is being planned adjacent to commercial centers. The goal of residential living in Copper is to have a blend of a wide range of lifestyles. The vast open-space character, temperate climate, and recreation-oriented living, provides great opportunities for any desire.

What does the Community want to be known for?

Copperopolis had its share of gold mines, but it became known for its copper mines. Once copper was discovered, during the Civil War union soldiers were stationed in the Copperopolis Armory to protect the copper for its munitions. The Armory still stands today and is used for community events. Before the copper mines were closed, they remained a valuable U.S. asset for years, as they supplied a substantial amount of the U.S. copper needs during World Wars I & II. The Copper community recognizes its potential as is very excited about the future, that is, to become known as one of the finest country settings and lifestyles.

Homes along Saddle Creek Golf Course