City of Angels

What is the City of Angels like?

The “real” City of Angels is also well-known as Angels Camp. It is perfectly situated at about 1,400 feet elevation, which keeps it above the valley fog and below most of the winter snow. The summers are resplendent with blue skies and warm weather.

Angels Camp is named after Henry Angel, a shopkeeper from Rhode Island, who opened a trading post here in 1848—a short time before placer gold was discovered. During the first few years after the discovery of gold, as many as 4,000 miners worked the surface gold of Angels.

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In 1864, Mark Twain wrote his first successful short story, “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.” The Jumping Frog Jubilee and Calaveras County Fair is a fun event held annually the third week in May.

The town has kept the allure of the Gold Rush era alive with many of the 19th century buildings housing great eateries and unique shops. In fact, visitors today can stay in the same hotel that Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens stayed when he visited Angels Camp in the 1800s.

Poppies in Angels Camp. Photo by Rick Harray

Where is it?

Angels Camp is located at the south-eastern edge of the County. It is near Moaning Caverns, a cave large enough to hold the Statue of Liberty, and a short drive from the giant Sequoias. The city is surrounded by golden foothills that host a beautiful golf course and wonderful places to wander. Additionally it is only 20 minutes from one of the largest bodies of water in California, New Melones Lake. In addition to its scenic beauty the lake offers uncongested water sports of boating, water skiing and fishing plus great camping sites.

What are the Transportation routes?

The picturesque Highways 4 and 49 connect the City of Angels to the rest of the County and on to major transportation routes throughout the state. Thus, it is conveniently located near unlimited recreation in the foothills and mountains, and close to larger areas of commerce.

How does the community envision the City of Angels in the future?

The City of Angels’ residents envision their community being a gateway to the Sierra and all the magnificence it has to offer. They also place great value on preserving and enhancing the city’s rural character and its natural, cultural and scenic resources.


Main Street Angels Camp

What does the Community envision for Economic Development?

If you are looking for a business location that has the largest regional customer draw, Angels Camp is it. Angels—located at the crossroads of Highways 4 and 49—is centered between Tuolumne County to the south, Amador County to the north, and all directions within Calaveras County. This three-county resident customer base is 140,000, plus several million visitors that pass through the central Sierra region each year.

The community wants to grow the city’s economic vitality by expanding and attracting businesses to the downtown area; targeting businesses that promote moderate-wage jobs and that enhance the city’s natural, cultural and esthetic resources. It envisions four distinct commercial districts, namely (1) historic, (2) community, (3) shopping, and (4) visitor.

Additionally the City wants to continue to grow its successful tourist business by enhancing the opportunities that draw people to enjoy all the splendors that the area affords.

Angels homes in the hills

How can the residential character of the City of Angels be described?

The housing in Angels Camp is a charming mix of well-maintained Victorian homes, newer neighborhoods and larger homes on acreage. The community envisions the development of affordable housing near areas of employment and a mix of combined residential and commercial buildings in the downtown area.

What does the Community want to be known for?

Angels Camp adheres to a community identify known as the “Healthy Community Concept” which is characterized by:

  • Fostering commitment to place
  • Promoting vitality
  • Building resilience
  • Acting as a steward
  • Forging connections
  • Promoting equality

To this end, the community has designated Angels Camp as “Base Camp for Mountain Sports in the Central Sierras.”

Angels Camp is also host to one of the finest and largest Gold Rush era museums.


New Melones in Angels