Mission & Priorities

The Calaveras County Economic Development Company is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. Its purpose is to serve Calaveras businesses, residents and visitors by developing strategies that promote business growth, increased employment and greater availability of goods and services. Priorities include:

Business Retention and Expansion
This is the EDC’s first mission parameter and is the most important to achieving economic vitality in Calaveras County. The membership program provides a variety of valuable services to help existing businesses thrive and grow.

Focal points include advertising and promotional assistance, business education and help with employment needs.

Another aspect is matching inputs and outputs. That is, connecting businesses that buy goods and services outside of Calaveras County with those who produce the same goods and services within the county.

Support for Emerging Entrepreneurs
Those who want to start their own business face the challenges of creating a formal business plan, securing capital, dealing with a myriad of regulations and more. The EDC is a natural starting point where budding entrepreneurs can find all the resources they need to be successful.

Attracting Out-of-County Businesses
A sure-fire way to grow a healthy economy is to create more well-paying jobs. The EDC’s third mission parameter is to attract small to medium-size businesses while maintaining the county’s rural character.

The EDC’s ongoing project of assessing the county’s inventory of commercial and industrial properties can help facilitate the decision for those who want to relocate to a better place for raising their families.

Of particular interest are technology and light industry operations that provide training and higher wages while leaving a small footprint on the land.