Keeping the County Safe

The Sheriff’s Department Community Services Assistant and others in the department work closely with the community to promote safety and crime prevention.

For instance, the Sheriff’s Department offers Business Watch. This is a program of organized business people working in concert with the Sheriff’s Department to suppress crimes against businesses and crimes that occur in commercial areas. It does this through providing commercial security survey, crime prevention and workplace violence training. The program also provides training in detecting fraud, bad checks and counterfeit currency; prevention of shoplifting, robbery, burglary and internal theft; and job site and personal safety.

Other ways that law enforcement works with the community in preventing crime includes:

  • Neighborhood watch—a program used throughout the nation where neighbors look out for each other
  • National Night Out—a National Event held annually
  • Farm Watch Program—Farm items are marked for identification
  • Identity Theft Prevention Classes—training on how not to become a victim
  • School-Based Programs—Officers visit schools to make presentations on crime prevention, safety training and avoiding drug use
  • Tourist-Related Policing
  • Search and Rescue