What is Calaveras Like Now?

Wine Tasting in Copperopolis Town Square

The County offers a diversity not seen in many other areas. The small towns each have unique charm and beauty. The housing is affordable and available from small lofts in the towns to spectacular estates in the countryside. Opportunities abound for entrepreneurs who want to live and work in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled regions in the state.


The 2010 Calaveras County population is estimated to be approximately 45,600. In the past few years, the population has stabilized. This is the same trend that is seen in neighboring counties. Previous County growth was generally attributed to migration into the County and peaked in 2003.

Calaveras County’s births and deaths have also remained fairly stable. The County’s population skews towards an older demographic, with an estimated 28% of the County’s population being 65 or older. This is high compared to the 12% of the state in that age bracket.

Population by County

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2010 Estimated Percent Population by Age

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The 2008 median household income for Calaveras County was similar to its neighboring counties and lower than the state in general.

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As evidenced by voter registration, Calaveras County residents tend to be more politically active than the residents of the state. Unlike the state, Calaveras County residents tend to register as Republicans more so than with other parties.

Percent Registered Who are Eligible to Vote in 2010

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Voter Registration By Party

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Land Use

Calaveras offers great opportunity for private land use. Although it is between its neighboring counties in size, it offers greater acreage and a greater number of private parcels than either Tuolumne or Amador Counties.

Statistical Comparison of of Calaveras, Tuolumne and Amador Counties

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Calaveras County Land Use Detail (2010)

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