Altaville Schoolhouse, built in 1858, in a rare snowfall. Photo: Rick Harray

Educational opportunities are plentiful in and around Calaveras County. This is true of at all levels of schooling, and in all disciplines. The public education institutions pride themselves on being safe and supportive. The schools and class sizes are small compared to urban areas. The students are taught by well-trained, experienced and well-educated teachers. Many of the educators are drawn to the County from densely populated areas of the state in search of the rich and supportive educational environment that the County offers.


Kathy Northington, County Superintendent for Calaveras County

“We have great schools in Calaveras County! We have very dedicated teachers, administrators and support staff who go above and beyond for all students. We work hard to provide an engaging and safe learning environment for all students. As County Superintendent I’m very proud of our schools.” —Kathy Northington, County Superintendent for Calaveras County