Where Do Visitors Spend Their Time and Money?

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Tourism is a vibrant business in Calaveras County. The amount of tourist revenue, shown in millions of dollars on the visitor spending chart, continues to grow as more people find out about the casual nature and beauty the County affords.

As one would expect, visitors spend the most on the wonderful food and tranquil lodging. Additionally, tourists reap great value from the quaint shops, the lively arts, and on recreational opportunities. Calaveras County offers numerous opportunities in tourist-related business. The tourist industry is expected to expand at a rapid pace due to the abundant natural resources of Calaveras County along with its location in the center of California.

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In addition to the customary businesses that offer goods and services to the tourist industry, agriculture-tourism plays a key and growing role in the vibrancy of Calaveras’ travel industry. Farms are diversifying to educate consumers about their products while consumers (visitors) want to learn with a hands-on approach. Some examples of agri-tourism in Calaveras County include visiting an alpaca farm, touring through vineyards by horseback, browsing a farmers market and tasting olive oil produced from local olive orchards.


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