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Calaveras County is “farm friendly.” The County is graced with large open-range cattle ranches interspersed with goat and sheep ranches. It is the home to historic and beautiful vineyards, lovely orchards and a host of other farms and ranches—everything from cashmere to (worm) castings, and from rainbow trout to llamas. Because of this diversity and beauty, agri-tourism is an important and growing part of the local economy.


Talibah Al-Rafiq, co-owner, California Cashmere Company

“Agriculture-friendly….absolutely true.” —Talibah Al-Rafiq, co-owner, California Cashmere Company in Mokelumne Hill, one of the largest cashmere ranches in the U.S. and probably the only one in the world to produce cashmere from the“goats to coats.”