December meeting of the Calaveras County Economic Development Company

“Basic Economic Development Issues for High Tech Startups in Calaveras County”

We have a guest speaker at the Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 2:00pm meeting of the Calaveras County Economic Development Company, (CCEDC). The meeting will be in the classrooms of Mark Twain Medical Center.

The speaker is John MacWillie. He lived in Calaveras County during his youth, graduating from Calaveras High School. He has recently moved back to the county. He has been an executive in the software industry for thirty years and is leading a web-based technology startup currently out raising venture capital funding. The company is looking at placing many of its operations to Calaveras County. The title of Johns talk is:

“Basic Economic Development Issues for High Tech Startups in Calaveras County”

The three basic issues are:

1. Communications Infrastructure Requirements

2. Qualified Labor Supply

3. Building a Culture of Innovation

If time and group interest allow these ancillary topics will be addressed: the role of local entrepreneurs, availability of capital, and quality of local education.


John will be first on our agenda. We’ll start promptly at 2:00pm, please don’t be late.


Other EDC business will follow John’s talk from 2:45 pm to 3:30 pm


questions or concerns please call or email:

Dave Jeffords

cell 408-691-4971