Why Live & Do Business in Calaveras County?

Actually the question should be “why are you waiting to live, expand your existing business or start a new business in Calaveras County?”

The County is conveniently located in the center of one of the most beautiful and vibrant states—California. All of the County departments needed for business expansion, startup or relocation are working towards a seamless process. Calaveras County offers the fastest means of communication, and affords easy access to national land and air transportation connections and commercial sea ports—without the road congestion to get there. The County also has a substantial national and international presence due to our celebrated jumping frogs, with the added advantage of extensive local experience and expertise.

Calaveras County communities are geographically dispersed throughout the County and separated by sparsely populated open space. This pattern of population growth provides for unique country-town characters and individual town centers with easy traffic circulation.

The County’s environment has something for everyone—spectacular outdoor recreation, activities, phenomenal access to winter sports, many unique wineries, stunning fall foliage and beautiful golden summers. It offers a safe environment with great opportunities.

Calaveras County is well positioned to enhance our existing businesses plus attract new businesses along with the people who create them. Our County is a wonderful place to raise a family, live as active adults, retire in whatever style you choose or have a business.

Our citizens’ desire for long-range land-use planning will help assure that our County’s character and country lifestyle will not only survive but thrive.